Our Event Catering in London, Surrey and Surrounding Counties (COVID-19 adapted)

Whether it’s a bespoke wedding or a corporate function, it is important to find the right catering company to both fit the occasion and the taste buds of guests. Here at Paddy’s, we operate in south-east England, working in London, Surrey, and surrounding counties. We provide a range of menus filled with delicious food, adding to the whole experience of the event. Here are just some of the events we cater for.


Weddings are such an amazing celebration, with Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions, many have organised “micro-weddings” to celebrate. If you are planning a wedding during the pandemic, we’re here to help.

We have adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions, changing protocols to be implemented on your wedding day such as all staff will be wearing masks and gloves. Surfaces and equipment will be regularly cleaned as well adapting cooking and serving times to make mealtime as safe as possible. We have different menus available for your friends and family to enjoy together, safely.

We operate in a variety of settings; we are very abatable and versatile. Some venues include hotels, golf clubs, country houses and more. The Land Rover Defender is suitable for all types of weddings, from bespoke traditional weddings to informal celebrations. Our menu can cover an array of main dishes and sides, including vegan, vegetarian, halal, and other foods to fit dietary preferences.

Private Parties & Street Parties

There are many different reasons to host a party, from hosting a socially distanced street party for a birthday, celebrating a job promotion and many more. We can cater for outdoor, socially distanced parties, our menus can be incorporated to your event themes and ideas to really impress your guests.

We can offer Burgers for BBQs, wraps and salads, you can also choose to serve a British classic, Fish & Chips, there are other options you can check out on our meu page!

Corporate functions

Especially in the Covid-19 period, businesses are always looking for new and creative ways to enhance corporate functions from entertaining clients as well as treating staff. Here at Paddy’s we can offer corporate event catering, offering a delicious healthy lunch or street food style stall.

There are many reasons to host a corporate lunch for staff and clients. Here are just some reasons we think it is important. You can stand out to job hunters and recruiters. Offering an innovative, reliable, and delicious lunch from Paddy’s is lucrative, it shows that the company cares about their workers, we are also able to provide wraps and salads that are nutritious and healthy.

Work lunches can boost worker morale and productivity. When workers are offered a healthy lunch, employees have a more positive impression of their employer. This is a great benefit to the company and the employees, increasing company loyalty and improving company culture/morale.

Book Paddy’s Event Catering

Here at Paddy’s, we are driven, sociable and always happy to help! Whether you are the event organiser, planning a socially distanced street party or recently engaged, it would be a please to offer the menu and experience we can bring for you.

Call us now on 07487678905 or use our contact page to get a quote or ask any questions, use the link below.

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